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ChocoSlim – Slim Down With Chocolate?

I am a personal trainer and fitness model. Being in a fit condition at all times has become a a part of my company. I eat very clean, organic foods and that i train hard but sometimes I need a little extra assistance to get my energy up and the cravings down to continue my healthy lifestyle. This is exactly why I really like ChocoSlim!

It is natural, gentle and keeps me going strong throughout the day. I keep a bottle during my gym bag, my car and my vitamin cabinet at home! It keeps me focused and boosts my mood all day. It is now a part of my daily regimen and that i recommend it to all my friends!

ChocoSlim makes me feel energized and able to go! It leaves me feeling focused even when I am just in your own home carrying out work. Instead of sitting in the kitchen table and considering what I wish to eat (as i am doing computer work), I just get down to business and not even contemplate entering the kitchen for a sweet snack!

All of us get those nasty cravings, and also to be able to control those with this product is everything That i have ever wanted. Most of all… it’s affordable, soy-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free.


Sony Bloggie Touch Review

Whether you’ve jumped on the social networking bandwagon and have now be a Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter junkie, or maybe you’re just looking for a cool present – in any case may be, the Sony Bloggie camera is exactly what you’re looking for.

The MHS-TS20 is Sony’s 8GB version from the Bloggie Touch, and also the highest-capacity pocket cam offered by the planet reknown electronics manufacturer.

Using the 8GB Bloggie Touch you are able to record as much as 4 hours of hiqh-definition video. Since the 8GB of memory are built-in, it’s not necessary to worry about messing around with memory cards. Also, the Bloggie doubles as a 12.8 Megapixel camera, that is ideal for taking still pictures.

A generous 3″ touch screen ensures that you are aiming right-on, and the screen also rotates automatically when composing messages or reviewing photos and videos.

Practically in a class of its own, the Bloggie distinguishes itself using their company camcorders and cameras by integrating several features normally available on higher-end camcorders. Sony’s innovative SteadyShot image stabilization and face detection make certain that all your shots are wonderful ones. In addition, 4x zoom will zero-in on those far-away shots, and a macro setting will make close-up shots flawless.

Convenience is the key to Bloggie’s success. A rechargeable battery means you will not be throwing away money on batteries, and you will also switch on the Bloggie through your computer’s USB port.

Facebook much? You’ll be pleased to realize that the Bloggie enables you to tag videos and stills for uploading to social networking sites. Once you need to upload your photos and videos to the web, simply connect the Bloggie to your computer with it’s flip-out USB port. The Bloggie Touch comes with a software utility that starts up if this detects that the Bloggie is connected, and enables you to edit and share your photos and videos easily.

Along with sharing online, the Bloggie Touch also lets you share offline. A built-in HDMI port allows you to connect it to your TV, to help you share your media with family and friends.

My South Beach Java Diet

Recently, the tropical fruit Garcinia Cambogia has come into the weight loss spot light and not without valid reason.

It appears the small sour tropical lemon or lime found mostly in Asia and South India includes a substance within the rind called hydroxycitric acid. HCA is considered an Oscar performer for its superior natural appetite suppressant qualities on the weight reduction front. And finest a part of all – HCA is not a drug.

This is very exciting for anyone thinking about losing weight, including South Beach Java who use Garcinia Cambogia in their gourmet diet coffee blends and make full use of it as an all natural metabolism booster.

Drinking Soda Can Lead To Infertility

Men who drink a liter of cola or more a day, or a little more than a medium soft drink at Burger King, have sperm counts 30 percent lower than guys who shun the soft drink, a Danish study found. Translation- Cola drinkers could have a higher risk of infertility. It doesn’t seem to be the caffeine; while sperm counts dropped among heavy coffee drinkers, too, it wasn’t enough to be statistically significant. And it’s likely not artificial sweetners, either, since few of the men swilled diet soda. Instead, the researchers believe, the culprit may be something else in the soda, or more likely, the fact that the cola drinkers had less healthy lifestyles-they ate more fast food and fewer fruits and vegetables- than men who opted for other beverages.

Burn PS2 Games

Burn PS2 games onto backup discs and you will no longer fear the “Disc Read Error.”

It is the worst thing for any addicted player to get that “Disc Read Error” on your PS2 when your favorite game gets damaged.

Burn PS2 Games & Save Money!
Entire families are hooked on playing the PS2, so there are thousands of PS2 owners who are worried that one day they may lose the original CDs of their favorite PS2 games. Don’t be one of the vicitims that has had to spend another $100 on the same PS2 game twice!

Burn PS2 Games That Work!
Until now, making copies of your most-played PS2 games required downloading a few free, but user-UNfriendly, applications that took evenings to figure out, or crashed your computer. But now, thanks to advances in programming, ripping duplicate copies of your PS2 video games is as easy as launching a program, and kicking back to let it do the rest.

Burn PS2 Games Easily!
With a DVD replicator program all you need to do is place your original PS2 games into your DVD-R burner, launch the software, press a button, and away it goes. The software will start ripping an image file of the video game and once it’s done, it will let you know so you can insert your blank media into the PC and burn off a backup of your game.

Research shows that DVDs begin to experience wear and tear from the first time they are played… Even with PS2 games. Discs are being used extensively, so it is no wonder that these DVDs tend to exhibit “DVD rot” within a short period of time. So always backup your PS2 games shortly after purchasing them, so that you will have the freshest backups. This is the best way to protect your precious investment, and guarantee hours of play time.

Start backing-up today! Burn PS2 games… Click here for instant download!