Burn PS2 Games

Burn PS2 games onto backup discs and you will no longer fear the “Disc Read Error.”

It is the worst thing for any addicted player to get that “Disc Read Error” on your PS2 when your favorite game gets damaged.

Burn PS2 Games & Save Money!
Entire families are hooked on playing the PS2, so there are thousands of PS2 owners who are worried that one day they may lose the original CDs of their favorite PS2 games. Don’t be one of the vicitims that has had to spend another $100 on the same PS2 game twice!

Burn PS2 Games That Work!
Until now, making copies of your most-played PS2 games required downloading a few free, but user-UNfriendly, applications that took evenings to figure out, or crashed your computer. But now, thanks to advances in programming, ripping duplicate copies of your PS2 video games is as easy as launching a program, and kicking back to let it do the rest.

Burn PS2 Games Easily!
With a DVD replicator program all you need to do is place your original PS2 games into your DVD-R burner, launch the software, press a button, and away it goes. The software will start ripping an image file of the video game and once it’s done, it will let you know so you can insert your blank media into the PC and burn off a backup of your game.

Research shows that DVDs begin to experience wear and tear from the first time they are played… Even with PS2 games. Discs are being used extensively, so it is no wonder that these DVDs tend to exhibit “DVD rot” within a short period of time. So always backup your PS2 games shortly after purchasing them, so that you will have the freshest backups. This is the best way to protect your precious investment, and guarantee hours of play time.

Start backing-up today! Burn PS2 games… Click here for instant download!


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